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***Stop Press***Exciting News***New Website***New Baby***

For my first blog post on my new website, I would like to make two announcements; the first is to introduce my gorgeous new niece, whose newborn photo shoot pictures are featured here, and the second is to welcome a much needed re-launch and re-branding of My Half Orange Photography.

The rebirth of My Half Orange, couldn’t have come soon enough, as the project has been almost a year in the making and was a goal that I had set myself at the beginning of last year. The drive to update my photography business identity and branding was inspired by the launch of my other business

Setting goals is an important part of my work as a freelance photographer, as they become a great way to stay motivated, especially as I work alone much of the time. Needless to say the planning, designing and thought that has gone into creating a new online presence, has not been done single-handedly.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of some very talented creative contemporaries, and and I would like to thank them for all their support and input into making this website a reality.

There are definitely a few comparisons to giving birth when taking the step of creating a whole new website; the process starts small and then seems to grow bigger and bigger, until it feels like it will never end!  The whole journey of trawling through my archive and revisiting and re-editing pictures from past photo shoots, has been an insightful and positive exercise.  Choosing the right pictures to convey my photographic style, whilst reflecting on my approach, enabled me to refine the type of images clients will expect to get after a photo shoot with me.

So at long last, here is the culmination of all those hours of shooting and editing and finally, here is Minnie, my brother’s third child – what a bundle of joy she is, weighing in at 10lb 4oz!!!

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